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  The Hazard Perception Test
The hazard perception test, is taken at the same time as the theory test and will take about an extra 15 minutes.

The object is to identify up to 15 hazards as quickly as possible.

  Why the need for the hazard perception test?

Each year 3,600 people are killed on Britain's roads. Improved hazard perception skills are expected to play an important part in achieving the Government's challenging casualty reduction targets.

Young drivers (17-21) make up only 7% of all licence holders yet they are involved in up to one in seven accidents involving injury. The accident liability of new drivers drops sharply over the first 12 months or so after passing the test and continues to fall as more experience is gained.

Young drivers have quicker reactions than older drivers. However, the more experienced driver scans the road better and recognises the clues that show a hazardous situation is developing much earlier and therefore starts to take action before the danger occurs. This is one of the reasons why accident involvement generally reduces as experience is gained.

New drivers take much longer (up to two seconds longer) to recognise hazardous situations than more experienced drivers.

  How will the hazard perception test work?

You will be shown a number of moving video clips filmed from a car. Each clip will contain one or more developing hazards.

You will be asked to indicate as soon as they see a hazard developing which may result in the driver taking some action, such as changing speed or direction. The sooner a response is made the higher the score.

The clips are real life video film to make the test experience as realistic as possible.

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